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Summer Debate Camp

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 09:23, Friday, May 15

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Summer Debate Camp
Summer Debate Camp
(application/pdf - 93.38K)
Debate Camp is open to rising high-school freshmen, sophomores and juniors. There will be two sessions offered: June 15-19 and June 22-26. Camp is from 9 am – 3pm and students should pack a lunch. The cost is $60 per session. Scholarships are available for students in need. Each session is limited to 10 participants. Questions? Contact Education Coordinator, Terrell Austin at taustin@trrcobbhouse.org or 706-369-3513.

Summer Reading

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 08:09, Tuesday, May 12

Download from 2015 Summer Reading
10th Honors English 2015
10th Honors English 2015 (application/pdf - 86.94K)
11th Grade Honors English
11th Grade Honors English (application/pdf - 97.14K)
9th Grade Honors English
9th Grade Honors English (application/pdf - 59.85K)
AP Government 1 of 2
AP Government 1 of 2 (application/pdf - 104.19K)
AP Government 2 of 2
AP Government 2 of 2 (application/pdf - 22.79K)
AP Government Remind
AP Government Remind (application/pdf - 91.59K)
AP Language
AP Language (application/pdf - 95.76K)
AP Literature Summer Reading
AP Literature Summer Reading (application/pdf - 41.55K)
AP US History Summer Assignment
AP US History Summer Assignment (application/pdf - 226.17K)
Honors British Literature
Honors British Literature (application/pdf - 264.07K)
Summer Reading Assignments AP World Assignments can be found at: https://sites.google.com/a/oconeeschools.org/tdrewry/

AP World History
AP European History

AP Biology: No summer assignments

Medication Pick-Up From OCHS Clinic

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 09:20, Monday, May 11

If you brought medication for your student anytime during the school year:
Please come pick up the remainder of medication for your student that has been keep in the clinic during the 2014-2014 school year. Any medication that is left after May 21, 2015 after 2:00 PM will be disposed of at the Oconee County Sheriff's Office medication drop box per school protocol. The clinic is not able to keep medication over the Summer for students returning next year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school nurse, Deena Futris, at 706-769-6655 x 1110 or via email at dfutris@oconeeschools.org. Thank you and have a safe and healthy Summer!!!!

Graduation Photos

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 16:58, Friday, May 8

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Commencement Photos
Commencement Photos
(application/pdf - 237.24K)
Commencement Photo Packages Available

Spring Showcase

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 14:24, Wednesday, May 6

Spring 2015 Chorus Showcase
OCHS Musical Theater will present A Night At The TONY's a Spring Showcase, Friday, May 8th at 7:00pm at the Civic Center. Tickets are $5

Work-Based Learning Awards Employer of the Year

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 08:51, Friday, May 1

Athens Microchip Computer

OCHS awarded Will Nearhood with Athens Micro Computer (student is Michael Paszek) as our Employer of the Year for Work-Based Learning 2014-2015.

Students in the WBL program experience the connection between education and realistic work experiences while learning about potential career pathways. An effective mentor possessing personal qualities and technical competence is assigned to each student to provide career guidance and develop employability skills. Based on on their mentorship throughout the school year and nominations made by students, an Employer of the Year is recognized annually at the Employer Appreciation Banquet.

Pathway, Georgia Milestone and AP Testing Schedule

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 10:00, Wednesday, April 29

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May 2015 Testing Schedule
May 2015 Testing Schedule
(application/pdf - 118.53K)
On the overall testing calendar, each testing program is color-coded. End of Pathways exams are in brown, SLOs are in pink, GA Milestones are in blue, AP exams are in green, and final exams are in red. Extra end of the year events are in purple.

Playoff Ticket Prices

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 11:38, Tuesday, April 28

As a matter of information...In accordance with GHSA policy, all State playoff contest ticket prices are pre-established by the GHSA and the local school has no input into pricing. In addition, only GHSA coaching or press passes are honored. Local policy is preempted thereby disallowing free entry for any other pass...i.e. faculty, County employee, OCHS Student All Sport etc... . Ticket prices for the boys and girls soccer matches, as well as the baseball game(s) will be $7.

Petition for High School Diploma

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 11:43, Friday, April 24

On March 30, 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill 91 (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-281.1) that retroactively removes the requirement in the State of Georgia to pass exit exams as a condition to receive a high school diploma. As such, former Georgia high school students who have completed all requirements for high school graduation with the exception of passing one or more portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests, the Georgia High School Writing Test, or their predecessors and were denied a high school diploma solely for this reason are now able to petition the local board of education in which he/she was last enrolled to receive a high school diploma. The local board of education must determine the former student’s eligibility to receive a high school diploma based on the graduation requirements in effect when the student first entered ninth grade.

See this link for more information http://www.oconeeschoo...ool_Diploma.pdf

Softball Fundraiser

Posted by Laura Beckham

Posted on 07:46, Friday, April 24

The Oconee County High School Diamond Booster Club is hosting an online auction to raise funds to make much-needed renovations to our field, and I was hoping you might be willing to help. Our online auction features dozens of great items ranging from vacations and collectible items to sporting goods and jewelry, so there’s something for everyone and every budget.
The auction will run from April 22nd to May 15th. To bid on items, you must create an account, but this is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. After that, you can bid on anything you like – and you will be notified by email if someone outbids you. You can also make an outright donation on the auction site if none of the items are of interest.

To visit the auction go to: www.32Auctions.com/OCHSFASTPITCH
Thank you in advance for supporting our team!

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